• Salting

Only two ingredients: top quality salt and attention to detail. Salting is the fundamental operation to produce Seasoned Raw Ham and Seasoned Pork Legs of excellent quality. For the perfect success of this phase of processing, it is first of all necessary that the process is carried out on legs and hams that have been brought to the right temperature to prevent the meat from deteriorating or undergoing premature absorption of the salt on the surface. After the first phase, in which the product remains for a week in the so-called “first salt cellar”, a second salting process is carried out in which, once the residual salt has been removed and the leg and ham have been massaged, the salting officer assesses the quantity of salt to be used according to the degree of absorption of the meat. At this point the hams are placed in a cell called “second salt” for a further week.

  • Laboratory tests

The high sensory and nutritional quality of our Prosciutto Crudo depends on the raw material used and the production method adopted. We constantly carry out strict analytical and sensory checks on all incoming raw materials and at all stages of production. The principles of self-controlled health and hygiene according to the HACCP method are applied to production. Scrupulous microbiological and organoleptic controls are also carried out, which not only guarantee the high quality of the ham, but also fully protect the health and safety of our workers. All the products are also subjected to the strict judgement of our panel of experts who assess the visual, olfactory and taste characteristics of our Seasoned Raw Hams and Seasoned Pork Legs through tasting tests.

  • Stapling

A centuries-old gesture handed down from father to son, to understand how the curing process is proceeding and to monitor the quality of our hams. This is an olfactory examination carried out periodically, which makes it possible to assess the curing process of the hams and to detect, should they be present, any non-conforming products that have undergone an aromatic alteration. The survey is carried out by rapidly introducing a fibula into the heart of the ham. The fibula is a thin, strong and odourless horse bone that has a very special quality: it instantly absorbs the product’s aromas and then just as quickly releases them. After insertion, the fibula is extracted and sniffed by expert staff who will decide on the quality and level of maturity of the leg being processed.

  • Temperature

The right temperature is the secret to maintaining the aroma and flavour of our Prosciutto Crudo. The entire production process, from the arrival of the fresh meat to the delivery of the product to the final consumer, is conducted under a controlled temperature regime. The correct temperature, diversified in the various processing phases, allows important biochemical and enzymatic processes to take place, which together determine the characteristic aroma and flavour of Assisi Salumi Prosciutto Crudo.

  • Industry 4.0

We have adopted new production technologies to propel the company into the future. The photovoltaic system together with the cogeneration system reflect the company’s commitment not only to creating a new business model and increasing the production quality of our plants, but also and above all, to improving the working conditions of our employees and significantly reducing CO2 emissions. The values and ethics of the company combined with the new technological approach have allowed Assisi Salumi to significantly increase the quality and production of its hams in recent years, and to receive more and more certificates of trust and esteem from its customers.

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